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We hired Gunnar to recruit a Chief Technology Officer for our software company CMA Contiki (www.cmacontiki.com). In the first phase of the process Gunnar and his team produced a highly professional prospectus for candidates for the role. Gunnar met with prospective candidates, and organised the first quality check. Based on these intro meetings he choosed some few candidates he wanted to present to us. This saved us a lot of time, and we only met with high quality candidates. The feedback from some of the candidates was that this was the most professional recruitment process they had ever been into. Lastly we managed to hire the best candidate. So we had a successfull hiring process through all phases, and could at the end celebrate a great new CTO.” February 7, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Tom-Inge Aas
hired Gunnar as a Recruiter in 2007

“Gunnar is a highly professional and warm person that is doing all he can to help other people. He has a big network and is a great networker. In his position as headhunter he work different than others, and is a very special person that take care of the candidate in a way that I never have seen other do. I can recommand him as one of the BEST!”
Marianne Hagen
was with another company when working with Gunnar at BEST Consulting Group

“I can warmly recommend Gunnar Krogh-Tonning. I have used his services myself, in recruiting projects. Gunnar came up with excellent candidates through his network. The projects were managed by Gunnar with professionalism and warmth.”
Oscar Floor
was Gunnar's client

“After having the pleasure of using Gunnar's services in my position in IBM; I fully recommend others to do the same. I can shortly give the following summary of his work/results: * High focus on your needs and the organizational climate * Candidates presented within agreed time, and with star quality * interview process/reference check conducted with high level of focus”
Geir Christensen
was Gunnar's client

“We have used Gunnar in connection with outplacement activities. Our experience is positive based on Gunnars competence, network and feedback from our employees.”
Sigurd Christian Gangnæs
was Gunnar's client

“Gunnar was recommended to me in 2003 (FINE) as an unorthodox and highly competent coach and headhunter. This proved to be correct and we have met regularly since then. Gunnar soon was introduced to many of my closest friends and good colleagues as I would like others to enjoy his unique qualities within his profession.”
Harald Reinton
was Gunnar's client

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mr Krogh-Tonning and it was truly a great pleasure. To selldom you meet people who has the combination of competense like him. I will give him my strongest endorsment and encourage everybody who have the opportunity to get to know him to do so.”
Rune Henriksen
was with another company when working with Gunnar at BEST Consulting Group


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